Primary Schools

PPA Cover

As all teachers require weekly time for planning, preparation and assessments (PPA), Teach Sports offer the very best cover - easing the workload for teachers.

We offer lesson planning, assessments, a seamless integration into the children's daily routine and the same member of staff every week. We will deliver a service that meets all your needs!

Sport and physical education can dramatically improve the overall well-being of children and as a result, can impact their academic performance and concentration during school. This is why using our services to cover your PPA can have a positive impact on a variety of different areas for a child.

We offer a professional and sustainable solution for your school:

  • No planning is required by teachers. We deliver our own PE scheme of work, which follows National Curriculum guidelines.
  • We provide all lesson plans, evaluations and assessments (which are in-line with the OFSTED Framework).
  • You will have a dedicated primary PE specialist to ensure continuity for you and the pupils.
  • All of our programmes are subject to high quality control checks by management.
  • Our coaches are experts in games, dance and gym activities for children in early years to year 6.
  • We will help to establish and sustain a higher standard of physical education in your school.
  • You will have regular contact with the Teach Sports management team to ensure we are delivering the service and support you need.
  • We aim to ensure that a child's first experience of sport and physical education at school is a positive and enjoyable one.

Lunch Times

We offer coaches for lunchtime sports activities, doing as much or as little as you need us to do.

Providing various activities for specific groups, e.g. challenging children, rewarding children for good behaviour, attendance etc. Following great feedback regarding lunchtime provision, it has shown that keeping the children occupied and busy is a great way of reducing behaviour issues that may arise at lunchtime whilst also promoting the Childhood Obesity Plan for action.

Childhood obesity: A Plan for Action

In August 2016, the government published a Childhood obesity plan for action. This plan stated that for all primary school children, at least 30 minutes of physical activity should be delivered in school every day. The Plan also announced the development of a new healthy rating scheme for primary schools, which was launched in September 2017.

At Teach Sports we believe that this can be catered for through active break and lunch times, Physical Education lessons, extra-curricular clubs, or other sport and physical activity events.